Category: BGP

Secure BGP Configuration on Customer Routers

Along with the redundant BGP internet routers, I’ve always wondered if there was a template of sort for internet facing routers from a enterprise perspective that would cover security and filters that should always be applied, like to keep your AS from becoming a transit AS and just plain old best practice.

Redundant BGP-Based Internet Access

How about the various design suggestions for using bgp in order to use multiple internet providers for a single site? or multiple sites?

How about routers receiving full routing tables from both ISP vs one router receiving a default route and the other one receiving a full routing table? Outbound traffic engineering strategies etc.

BGP Route Servers

Typical in IXP but not as well documented as iBGP route reflectors.

If I get it right, ideally, they reflect the eBGP routes but not adding their own ASN (transparently); they calculate the best route on behalf of the participants (“Maintain a separated Routing Information Base (Loc-RIB) for each peer configured as RS-client”) and they can also filter bgp routes in/out but like they were the participants.