Submitting Design Clinic Challenges

Submitting Design Clinic challenges is an easy process:

  • Send me an email describing your challenge (and having Design Clinic somewhere in the subject). If you’re an subscriber you should have my email address1.
  • The design challenge should have (in words of one of my friends) didactic value and be of interest to a wider community. We will not discuss obscure interactions between barely-compatible technologies or particular failures of highly customized designs.
  • I might ask for further clarification while trying to distill your challenge into something that would be interesting and relatively easy to explain.
  • Once we reach the stage of yeah, that’s about it, the topic goes onto the list of upcoming topics and will be included in one of the live sessions.

Finally, please note that while anyone can submit Design Clinic challenges, only users with active paid subscription can attend live sessions or watch the recordings.

  1. Hint: use my initials or the name of the protocol described in RFC 791 followed by ASCII character code 64 and domain name. ↩︎