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Running Applications in Multi-Cloud Environment

Deploying applications in colocated data centers and multiple regions of multiple cloud providers:

Lets say an organization has global presence and has multiple physical POPs globally to serve their regional/local needs. Think of these POPs as min DataCenter across the world, with server, network, storage resources.

At the same time they also have Azure and AWS presence. Infrastructure is present in both clouds in multi regions but for certain unique type of applications only.

The cloud hosted infrastructure have dependencies on the onsite resources located in the above mentioned POPs. One of which is AD/DNS etc.

Azure is hosting multi region VDI for 24/7 customer center operations. AWS is running DEVOPS environment for developing applications and hosting custom applications.

Internet exit for Azure is through Azure but for AWS it is centralized through onprem. However, both using on-prem DNS.


  • Global resiliency, distributed applications, and services access.
  • How we can keep regional traffic local, keep on prem traffic local and keep cloud traffic local.
  • How to manage latency